Version 1.0.1

While working on episode 2, I've been making some changes to the game, fixing a couple of issues and making some improvements. Along with these fixes, I have made the source code available and I have released the old beta maps (which were converted in order to work with the release builds). Don't worry, regardless of what SZ Canvas 2 will tell you, it is completely compatible with this version. 

Overall, here are all changes and additions in this version:

-Fixed vertical and horizontal lines when crouching
-Changed the status bar texture and got rid of text background
-The HP text now changes color based on HP level.
-Title screen options can now be selected via mouse.
-Raised the frame limit
-Added beta maps to the package.
-Added source code (.bas) to the package.


The Temple of Max (v1.0.1).zip 13 MB
Feb 06, 2018

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